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Continuously introduce the world's latest technology and technology, the use of scientific and effective network service system, to provide you with high-quality and efficient one-stop service.

LINYI RITT Packaging Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2006. It mainly produces 0.5-3 tons of flexible container bags, ordinary woven bags, tarpaulins, non-woven fabrics (hand-held bags, aprons, storage bags), plastic trays, garbage cans and other series of products.

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Think of what our customers think, the urgency of our customers, and our customers with our sincerity and action! Become a product supplier worthy of our customers' trust forever.


Continuously introduce advanced production technology and technical equipment, and use scientific and effective network service system to provide you with high quality and efficient one-stop service.


he company has advanced production technology and technical equipment, introduced advanced international management mode, to create a relaxed development space for you. The products are designated as special fixed-point packaging for slag powder by Hebei Iron and Steel Group. Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Huadian International, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia Development and Construction Company have received unanimous praise and signed a long-term cooperation contract. It is mainly sold to APEC member countries such as Japan, Korea, Malaysia and the Middle East. New products have been sold to Russia, Europe, the United States and other countries and regions.